Thursday, January 14, 2010

I can't even put into words how obscene that was.

Are you kidding me? That Adam Lambert finale was completely disgusting and profane. He shoved a guys head into his crotch to simulate a blow job, and he grabbed and pulled on a girls crotch, a girl grabbed his crotch and he made out with the keyboard player! What the heck was that? Imagine my surprise watching this with my 3, 13, 15, and 17 year olds! Was I watching Cinemax by accident? Truly I am speechless. I can't even put into words how obscene that was. Please do something about the detioration of the television you allow to be broadcast to families.

It was simply his way of throwing down America's throat his gay lifestyle.

I have been an AMA viewer for well over 15 years and i will say that I was APPALLED at the performance allowed by Adam Lambert. I could care less if he's gay and came out, but I did not appreciate seeing Adam's performance: 1) gyrating one of the male dancer's head at his crotch 2) groping a female dancer's crotch and 3) KISSING IN THE MOUTH ONE OF THE MALE BAND MEMBERS TOWARD THE END OF HIS PERFORMANCE. I was watching this along with my family including teenagers and was totally caught off-guard that this type of immoral nonsense would be on an awards show. Adam's action had nothing to do with the lyrics of his song - it was simply his way of throwing down America's throat his gay lifestyle. I shouldn't have to see what anyone's sexual preference is and was completely appalled that this over-rated american idol reject was allowed to display such immoral acts in the show. ABC should be fined for allowed such a despicable display when children would be watching this program.

Disgusting and vulgar display

ADAM LAMBERT's disgusting and vulgar display. Promotion of gay disgusting and almost porn

If I was a Police Officer, I would have arrested him for Lewd Behavior!

The American Music Awards was on tonight and most of the music was some what entertaining/non-offensive, but much to our families dismay, the former American Idol singer (Adam Lambert) was allowed to perform relatively pornographic acts including have another person (male)act as they were giving him a blow job. Then he grabbed another girls vagina area in order to pull off a part of her costume.
I am absolutely offended that as an American, this garbage is allowed on national television. We are clearly showing the world that we have absolutely NO sense of moral values, nor restraint or respect. This is not Artistry and Free Speech, these acts were simply the public degrading of society as a whole and the television programmers, and the artist, should be publicly prosecuted for this. If the federal agencies that are supposed to protect the people continue to allow this type of garbage to permeate society, then "civilized" society that made this country great is now gone. If I was a Police Officer, I would have arrested him for Lewd Behavior!
Please do something about this....Good American's must show that we are not going to tolerate this type of behavior from anyone without deep consequences.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and possible investigation.

A dancer character fiegned oral sex

I was appalled and offended at the Adam Lambert live stage song/act. A dancer character fiegned oral sex kneeling at Adams crotch while Adam was singing. That is my main complaint. In addition, costumes and gestures of Adam and the stage act appeared to implicate sexual bondage with leather type harnesses and reigns connected to crawling 'dancers' like animals. Such pornographic style acts have no place on broadcast TV ever in my opinion and surely not prior to 11 pm. This act was shown just proir to 11 pm. Thank you for the chance to share my complaint. As a Christian father trying to raise and protect children from deviant influences, this act was extremely unwelcome and offensive to me.

This is not American music it's TRASH

I am totally distubed by the AMA this evening. I have watched all of your shows for many years but this is it. What have we come to when the majority of songs have to be censored and bleeped.... is that music and entertainment? The final insult was Adam Lambert how inappropriate and tasteless. This is not American music it's TRASH.

Outraged and disappointed.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

There was nothing "family" about it

To Whom It May Concern:

My family and I were extremely offended by the "musical act" of Adam Lambert on the ABC broadcast of the AMA's on Sunday, November 22, 2009. The imitation of oral sex with men and women during the performance was obscene, disgusting and uncalled for. The entire show pushed the limits of good taste, especially since this program was billed as a "family show." There was nothing "family" about it.

I ask the FCC to do something and something soon. Continued programming like what was aired tonight on the AMA's and further imitated acts like those of Adam Lampert will take this country further and further down. Please do something!

As a Senior Pastor, I will lead my church in a boycot of ABC.


Please note that we watched ABC American Music Awards and I could not beleive what I had to watch with my 11, 13, and 16 year old. We had to send my son to bed who actually opted to goto bed because he was disturbed, my 16 year old who was disgusted, and my 13 year old who really does not like Adam Lambert. This was not tasteful watching another man go down on him, macking out with a person who was either a man or a woman, touching the croutch, um 50 cent contenstly being bleeped out, omg R U KIDDING this was not good. I cannot beleive that they are not going to be fined for this behavior. I am not a fan of Howard Stern but this was crossing the line and I will not watch this event again. i cannot believe that this was on national televeicion that this was on ABC and not MTV. You should be imbarrassed that you control this tv. Enough is enough. Where did the television standards go. Guess what there is none. Please make this stop and go back to better family standards. Cause this had NONE.

This writer will NEVER watch ABC again. You are the police of TV DO SOMETHING NOW CAUSE IT IS OUT OF CONTROL, and guess what Bitch is not a word it is a curse. We had 10 people here and they all felt the same thing as we did. We are not a Religious family but we instill family practices. and ABC does not. We are looking for a response.

It makes the Janet Jackson wardrobe incident trivial

ABC/AMA promoted "an unbelievable performance" by Adam Lambert the entire duration of the show, they were right on. I can't believe what was broadcast. In my opinion, it makes the Janet Jackson wardrobe incident trivial. During the coarse of Lambert's performance he staged having oral sex performed on him by a male dancer/extra, and played with a ring or something between a womans legs. The performance promoted excessive sexuality with a touch of s&m. Their were children at that show, how many children saw that on tv! I am just shocked and dishearten by the broadcast.

I am actually a big fan of Adam Lambert

Adam Lamberts performance was indecent, simulated oral sex on stage is outrageous, this was a Vegas, Burlesque performance that was inappropriate. Please investigate and fine ABC. I am actually a big fan of Adam Lambert, again the choreagraphy was inappropriate.

Very Disturbing

To whom it may concern,

The Adam lambert performance was extremely disgusting and inappropriate. The fact that someone at abc approved that is very disturbing. Is there anyone censoring stuff over there

Thank you,

I want to join the ranks of the millions

Dear friends,

I want to join the ranks of the millions who are filing complaints against ABC for the Adam Lambert "performance" (if one could call it that) during the AMA awards tonight. What I witnessed (particularly where he groped a woman's crotch, and also where a man simulated oral sex with him) was completely inappropriate. Someone should have warned the public in advance that this performance would be inappropriate for younger viewers. Many of us feel assaulted. I hope you will join us in taking action. Thank you.