Saturday, January 2, 2010


Please note that we watched ABC American Music Awards and I could not beleive what I had to watch with my 11, 13, and 16 year old. We had to send my son to bed who actually opted to goto bed because he was disturbed, my 16 year old who was disgusted, and my 13 year old who really does not like Adam Lambert. This was not tasteful watching another man go down on him, macking out with a person who was either a man or a woman, touching the croutch, um 50 cent contenstly being bleeped out, omg R U KIDDING this was not good. I cannot beleive that they are not going to be fined for this behavior. I am not a fan of Howard Stern but this was crossing the line and I will not watch this event again. i cannot believe that this was on national televeicion that this was on ABC and not MTV. You should be imbarrassed that you control this tv. Enough is enough. Where did the television standards go. Guess what there is none. Please make this stop and go back to better family standards. Cause this had NONE.

This writer will NEVER watch ABC again. You are the police of TV DO SOMETHING NOW CAUSE IT IS OUT OF CONTROL, and guess what Bitch is not a word it is a curse. We had 10 people here and they all felt the same thing as we did. We are not a Religious family but we instill family practices. and ABC does not. We are looking for a response.


  1. ABC *should* be embarassed about this performance, but solely for the lack of musical ability that Adam Lambert possesses.

    Leonard, on the other hand, should be *extremely* embarassed (or, as you spell it, imbarrassed) for his horrible spelling.

  2. Obviously Leonard had no problem with Lady Gaga or the other women who were vulgar and inappropriate. It's only when a man is overtly sexual that it bothers him. That would put Leonard in the homophobe category.

  3. There was nothing wrong with his performance, in my opinion. How do you explain all the viagra ads that come on at dinnertime to your kids?
    Good heavens. Adam is the finest entertainer, and a lovely person. Change channels if you don't like it.

  4. Annie Mack is totally correct. With the exception of Janet Jackson's tit popping out, people don't usually complain about women being sexual on TV.

    Barbara is also correct about Viagra ads. And what about those beer ads that imply you'll get hot chicks if you drink whatever brand of beer?

  5. Last time I checked bitch WAS a word and it's in the dictionary. And it's used on television all day every day. That shows the lack of intelligence this poster has. Also what FAMILY has their kids up at 11pm on a school night? AND what FAMILY programs EVER come on that late at night?

    Adam your performance rocked!

  6. How DARE Leonard call himself a writer. The nerve.