Thursday, January 14, 2010

If I was a Police Officer, I would have arrested him for Lewd Behavior!

The American Music Awards was on tonight and most of the music was some what entertaining/non-offensive, but much to our families dismay, the former American Idol singer (Adam Lambert) was allowed to perform relatively pornographic acts including have another person (male)act as they were giving him a blow job. Then he grabbed another girls vagina area in order to pull off a part of her costume.
I am absolutely offended that as an American, this garbage is allowed on national television. We are clearly showing the world that we have absolutely NO sense of moral values, nor restraint or respect. This is not Artistry and Free Speech, these acts were simply the public degrading of society as a whole and the television programmers, and the artist, should be publicly prosecuted for this. If the federal agencies that are supposed to protect the people continue to allow this type of garbage to permeate society, then "civilized" society that made this country great is now gone. If I was a Police Officer, I would have arrested him for Lewd Behavior!
Please do something about this....Good American's must show that we are not going to tolerate this type of behavior from anyone without deep consequences.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and possible investigation.

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  1. first of all what adam did was not illegal, the lyrics of the song are of sexual and sensual nature, women make out and do things all the time on tv, ADAM is the best performer we've seen in awhile, its almost 2 months later and people like you still keep talking about it, so everyone needs to shut their mouth, as in adam's lyrics to his new song "whataya want from me" he said he went to far so leave him the HELL ALONE