Thursday, January 14, 2010

It was simply his way of throwing down America's throat his gay lifestyle.

I have been an AMA viewer for well over 15 years and i will say that I was APPALLED at the performance allowed by Adam Lambert. I could care less if he's gay and came out, but I did not appreciate seeing Adam's performance: 1) gyrating one of the male dancer's head at his crotch 2) groping a female dancer's crotch and 3) KISSING IN THE MOUTH ONE OF THE MALE BAND MEMBERS TOWARD THE END OF HIS PERFORMANCE. I was watching this along with my family including teenagers and was totally caught off-guard that this type of immoral nonsense would be on an awards show. Adam's action had nothing to do with the lyrics of his song - it was simply his way of throwing down America's throat his gay lifestyle. I shouldn't have to see what anyone's sexual preference is and was completely appalled that this over-rated american idol reject was allowed to display such immoral acts in the show. ABC should be fined for allowed such a despicable display when children would be watching this program.

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  1. I am really sorry to say this, but this what u say is ridiculous. this is the worst blog text, homo-phobic text I've ever seen in my life.. he has got his own style, why do You have to judge it ? 'cause You are someone who never could be what You really are, 'cause You do everything as everybody else do, and You live in a lie ? You don't have to watch it with Your kids, even You can stop watching, if it is such a big deal for you..

    I am now talking to everybody to seriously wake up...

    Thank You.