Saturday, January 2, 2010

It makes the Janet Jackson wardrobe incident trivial

ABC/AMA promoted "an unbelievable performance" by Adam Lambert the entire duration of the show, they were right on. I can't believe what was broadcast. In my opinion, it makes the Janet Jackson wardrobe incident trivial. During the coarse of Lambert's performance he staged having oral sex performed on him by a male dancer/extra, and played with a ring or something between a womans legs. The performance promoted excessive sexuality with a touch of s&m. Their were children at that show, how many children saw that on tv! I am just shocked and dishearten by the broadcast.


  1. I don't know what the kerfuffle is about "the children". If your kids even knew what S&M, fellatio, etc. is, you have a bigger problem than just this. No child watching this is going to see anything other than an energetic dancing routine. IMO Adam Rocks!!

  2. I am a 55-year-old woman who thinks Lambert is great in pushing the steretoypes and prejudices we have against male sexuality (to say nothing about male homosexuality). If we don't push the limits, we'll lose our rights to freedom of expression. Oh, and speaking of expression, please learn how to spell and use proper punctuation, Leonard. To me, the school system that failed to teach you how to write is much more obscene than Lambert's performance.

  3. YUP !!ADAM ROCK!! GO ADAM !! The World LOVE ADAM !!Shame on Leonard !