Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am actually a big fan of Adam Lambert

Adam Lamberts performance was indecent, simulated oral sex on stage is outrageous, this was a Vegas, Burlesque performance that was inappropriate. Please investigate and fine ABC. I am actually a big fan of Adam Lambert, again the choreagraphy was inappropriate.


  1. If you were a fan, you would know what kind of shows he gives. You would also be supporting him. People like you never fail to astonish and disgust me.

  2. Oh yeah? or you are someone's fan but are jealous with ADAM success. How do i know that you are big fan. No big fan would crucify ADAM. ADAM performance is one of the best in AMA. Its wild but almost everyone is wild in that AMA performance. So what? Michael jackson and other famous artist have done for years? Wake up and smell the rose? where have you been the last 25 years? Do you just get bck from the uncivilized jungle? ADAM provide a very sexy performance. Like it or not that is up to people. Don't demean others! Leonard YOU DISGUST me as well! See Letterman, Jay Leno, Barb walters, and Oprah all invite him to the show? Shame on you ! Go back to your Idol and tell him that no one can beat ADAM !! Don't dream !!!

  3. if u are a big u say u are supporting now adam..well..its a different opinion...

    im going to support adma in all ways